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Build Cars

Car Parts Development

Car Service & Repair

Tyre Changing & Wheel Balancing

Car Restoration

Car Rental

Our Skills

Video & Photo Editing

Our cutting room floor is messy.

Working with Cars

We work on cars as ist it is ours, with perfection

Software Development

We love codes and semi-colone



A Little About Us

We don't see it as work but see it as passion

We are a group of young talented people, whose passion is to build cars and develop new things. We also like to code new softwares and develop embedded systems for elder cars. Our dream was always to build extra-ordinary cars and to connect computer science with cars.

We started JD Performance with the vision of one day making it a big automobile company that customises existing cars, custom design for cars, whilst also designing and making its own products in the future.  We have reached small milestones over the years. We started off with basic automobile services. We provided services such as plastering, painting and changing tyres. 

So, How Much?

Tyre Changing

  • 12"-17"

  • from CHF12.50 per wheel
  • Signup
  • 12"-17" Alloy

  • from CHF15 per wheel
  • Signup
  • 18"-19"

  • from CHF15 per wheel
  • Signup
  • 18"-19" Alloy

  • from CHF17.50 per wheel
  • Signup
  • 20"-26"

  • from CHF17.50 per wheel
  • Signup
  • 20"-26" Alloy

  • from CHF17.50 per wheel
  • Signup

Demonstration of scratch-free tyre changing

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Rickenstrasse 14
8737 Gommiswald
+41 78 729 16 86
JD Performance

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